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SQL0668N Operation not allowed for reason code “3” on table

by on Jul.24, 2017, under Error and Issues


SQLExecute reported: SQLSTATE = 57016: Native Error Code = -668: Msg = [IBM][CLI Driver][DB2/LINUXX8664] SQL0668N Operation not allowed for reason code “3” on table “XXX.XXXX”. SQLSTATE=57016



After doing several research the issue was the table was marked in check pending state due to bad bulk load without terminate in load statement.

Loading a null file to the table with the terminate command will clear the issue.

load from /dev/null of del terminate into XXX.XXXX

Sample :

SQL3110N The utility has completed processing. "0" rows were read from the
input file.

Number of rows read = 0
Number of rows skipped = 0
Number of rows loaded = 0
Number of rows rejected = 0
Number of rows deleted = 0
Number of rows committed = 0


Platform :

Datastage 11.5 on Linux &

DB2 10.5 on Linux

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Datastage : DB2 Lookup Stage : SAX parser exception thrown: The input ended before all started tags were ended

by on Jun.30, 2017, under Error and Issues

Error :

Unrecognized argument: variant=’9.1\’,

SAX parser exception thrown: The input ended before all started tags were ended. Last tag started was ‘before’ (CC_PropertySet::fatalError, file CC_PropertySet.cpp, line 2,236)



There are lot of references in google that the similar kind of error occurred in the XML stage and it it XML stage related error.  But in my case this occurred in the DB2 lookup stage. After serval analysis, I found that, there was a environment variable defined for the table name and during the migration the environment variable was not added in the job parameter.

example :


$SrcTbl was missing in the job parameter list.

This looks to weird since if this was in DB2 source or target stage, the error will be table not found.


Platform :

Datastage 11.5 on Linux



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DataStage : DB2 Stage : Failure during execution of operator logic

by on Jun.30, 2017, under Error and Issues

Error Details :
Failure during execution of operator logic.
Output 0 produced 0 records.
APT_Decimal::assignFromString: invalid format for the source string. Expecting trailing NUL, space, or tab character(s) got ‘E’

One of the column which has the SQL type Decimal has the value “5E+7” which was not able convert to Decimal value. To eliminate this error read the column as String

This could happen when the decimal field is computed. To revert back to decimal field use explicit cast function


Platform : 

DataStage 11.5 running on linux
DASHDB 10.5 running on linux

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Reseting Windows 9x/2000/XP administrator password

by on Aug.30, 2008, under Windows

Forgetting things in life is more common, but some somethings you will not have any impact. Imagine you have forgot a windows administrator password. You are really into trouble. You can’t really find any one to make you to get into your system. But here is a way to reset it.

If you are the old version of windows the the problem is much simple. To reset a password in windows 98, there is nothing much complex since the there is not much tight security.

For Windows 9x

1. Boot the system in dos mode
2. Go the windows directory
3. Search for *.PWD file
4. Delete the *.PWD file.
5. Reboot it and now you are in with the blank password.

But on later versions of the windows the security features are made so complex that it involves some complex steps to reset your password in case you forget it.

For Windows 2000/XP

1. Get back you windows bootable CD. Boot it.

2. Proceed to the the screens until you get the option to a) install windows or b) repair windows

3. Press ‘R’ to repair windows and then choose the appropriate options until reboot.

4. Your machine will be back in windows GUI mode. You need to enter to the command prompt by pressing “Shit + F10”. This step differs for windows 2000 and XP.

  • For windows 2000 press “shift + F10” when you see the screen “Registering Components”
  • For windows XP press “shift + F10” when you see the screen “Installing devices”

5. Now you are in the command prompt. From here you need to invoke the control panel.

  • For Windows 2000, Type “control.exe” in command prompt
  • For Windows XP, Type “nusrmgr.cpl” in command prompt

6. Now you could be able to access control panel.
7. From there choose user management to reset your password.
8. Once done, close the control panel and allow the repair process to get completed.
9. Finally reboot your computer
10. Now you can be in with your new password.

Here is an alternate way too if you have a free distribution of Linux know as Knoppix. Here are the steps.

1. Download the free version of Linux from http://www.knoppix.org/
2. Download the a package to change the windows password from here
3. Install the package chntpw as below

Knoppix@ttyp1[knoppix]$ alien –to-tgz chntpw_.deb
Knoppix@ttyp1[knoppix]$ tar xvzf chntpw.tgz ./usr/sbin/chntpw
Knoppix@ttyp1[knoppix]$ mv ./usr/sbin/chntpw ./

4. Find the windows partition using the command

cat /etc/fstab

5. Mount the windows NTFS partition using the command

mount -o rw /dev/hdax /mnt/windows

    x – replaces with the numeric depending on the configuration

6. Change your directory where the SAM file is available

cd /mnt/windows/WINDOWS/system32/config

7. Run the command

chntpw -u administrator SAM system SECURITY

8. This will ask you to enter a new password for the administrator account.
9. Just hit enter so that blank password will be entered.
10. Write the changes when it prompts to do so.
11. Reboot your machine on your hard drive and log in to windows with blank password.

NB: The author is not responsible for any kind of misuse by the readers.

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